Friday, September 30, 2011

Driving up Gorge Road

Took a drive up Gorge road before dawn in attempt to see the sunrise. but failed! because the sun wasnt rising from that side and was pretty much blocked by the hills and trees. Had a good drive and chat along the way nevertheless :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Bluff

Drove to Victor during the term break. Enjoyed the scenery from the Bluff and had some coronas on the hot day. Very refreshing and relaxing, especially listening to the waters hit the rocks. Amazing view from the top.

Our driver was speeding on the highway -.-"
Got coronas just for the boys
Amazing view!! just spectacular :)

The Garden Side walk part of my house

That side of the house, a bit secluded, and not much used. lotsa plants and leaves overgrowing. Very shady and cool area actually. Lovely at night when lighted with candlelights.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Two or more photos

For my 2nd assignment I was thinking about playing around with shadows. Having a main object, and a shadow that is different to the object itself.

Both the object and the shadow has to have a connection though, a related theme, to both set an atmosphere.

Idea #1
This image shows a shadow at the corner of a person watching the 2 others in a martial arts lesson. However, the object of the shadow is not seen.

Idea # 2

This image uses the shadows to portray a powerful feeling of emotion and fear.

Idea #3

The picture is taken in an angle to show the girl is not holding a balloon. However, the shadow shows that she is. It looks like she is looking at her own shadow wondering why she is holding a balloon in her hands.

Idea #4

This image has the objects which are parts of a clock and throws a shadow of a clock on the wall.

Idea #5
This picture is interesting because it shows a shadow of a girl in the wall. Also, it shows some birds on the wall or, floor as it seems in a different rotation. It has created a new feel and makes your head turn, literally.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Random Family shoots

Went out with 2 of my cousins for lunch, and since we were all dressed coming from a party, I did some photo shoots with them. haha hilarious cousin bonding time!