Sunday, September 11, 2011

Two or more photos

For my 2nd assignment I was thinking about playing around with shadows. Having a main object, and a shadow that is different to the object itself.

Both the object and the shadow has to have a connection though, a related theme, to both set an atmosphere.

Idea #1
This image shows a shadow at the corner of a person watching the 2 others in a martial arts lesson. However, the object of the shadow is not seen.

Idea # 2

This image uses the shadows to portray a powerful feeling of emotion and fear.

Idea #3

The picture is taken in an angle to show the girl is not holding a balloon. However, the shadow shows that she is. It looks like she is looking at her own shadow wondering why she is holding a balloon in her hands.

Idea #4

This image has the objects which are parts of a clock and throws a shadow of a clock on the wall.

Idea #5
This picture is interesting because it shows a shadow of a girl in the wall. Also, it shows some birds on the wall or, floor as it seems in a different rotation. It has created a new feel and makes your head turn, literally.

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